Monday, February 3, 2014

Well it's been a year since my last blog - I was changing the online business's name and had no idea that one year later, our retail store would be running. I've heard many words over this time - fantastic! what??? brave! oh no you didn't, really? a record store? awesome! q'uelle stoopide! And they all have their merit. So I've decided to start it up again. I'll comment on what's going on in the store, review the odd LP and of course tell many little stories about my life long relationship with vinyl and music. I see I have only 1 follower as of today - so I will dedicate my first entry next week to this wonderful faceless person who's singular presence made me say, "What the hell, let's get on it". I'll update on the weekend. (After all that I'd better come up with something bloody good~!) Salutations Cavin Winnipeg Record & Tape

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